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How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker – 5 Great Hacks!

With the convenience of a coffee maker, it is thrilling to know you don’t have to struggle to make your usual cup of coffee to fully wake you up once you jump out of your bed.

how to make coffeeBut what happens when your great effort saving machine goes to be with the great coffee pot in the sky?

What if you wake up one chilly morning and find your that the coffee maker isn’t working?

It sure will be a mess.

And that’s why you are going to want to learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker as early as now so that this doesn’t make your day get started at the wrong foot.

So where do you learn these other ways to do it?

You need not to worry about it! Here are 5 great hacks you can use an alternative before you get yourself a new coffee making machine if not get it repaired.



Hack 1 – Use a Pan

button 3Get the pan you usually use to fry your eggs and make pancakes ready. Once it’s clean, fill it with water. But remember to pour more water in there than you would normally work with when making coffee as you will be leaving some of it behind.

button 3Turn on the heat and leave at medium to high depending on your urgency, needs and preferences.

button 3Wait until the water is boiling to add your coffee. Be careful with the quantity of coffee you will be adding. Ideally, see that for every six ounces of water, you add just two spoonfuls of coffee. This will come out great.

button 3Turn off the heat and then put a cover on the pan to have the grounds go to the bottom of the pan and get the water converted. This should take about five minutes.

button 3After that, just pour the coffee into your cup and add sugar and it’s all done! Serve it when hot.




Hack 2 – Use a French Press

button 3Boil water in an electric hot pot. A kettle or even a microwave can be good alternatives, although you need to be careful with the way you handle the microwave.

button 3Once the water begins to simmer, you should put the coffee grounds in your French press. This should be done with the ratio of one tablespoon of coffee for every four ounces of water. If you are a coffee enthusiast, it is normal to prefer freshly ground coffee, although pre-ground coffee can work great.

button 3Pour water on the grounds in the French press. As you do this, make sure that you pour the water all over the grounds so that they get evenly saturated. Once you see the slurry forming on the surface, stir with a chopstick to make it even more deep.

button 3Allow the coffee to steep for 2 to 4 minutes going by the size of your press. Put a filter assembly on top of the press and then give it time to steep.

button 3After that, plunge the filter by getting hold of the plunger stick on the assembly and push it downwards. Press it slowly and steadily so that the stick doesn’t become crooked and make grounds come out of the press.

button 3Pour the coffee in the press directly into your cup and remember to put your hand on the lid to keep it from popping out as you serve your coffee.




Hack 3 – Use a Filter

button 3Heat some water on either a saucepan, microwave, an electric hot pot or a kettle. Make sure the water is heated on a medium to high heat for about two minutes depending on where you will be heating the water on.

button 3Get the coffee grounds of pre-ground coffee into a coffee filter and then using a string or twine, tie up the filter into a bundle.

button 3Put the bundle in a mug and then pour the hot water on the bundled filter until it’s enough. Make sure you pour it directly so that the deep color is formed. If you are making coffee for more than one person, make a number of bundles and do the same but see that you don’t make one huge bundle and pour water over it all at once, that will be messy and won’t be as great as you would want it to be.

button 3Let the coffee steep for a while, basically 2 to 3 minutes for a light coffee and 4 to 5 minutes for a deep one. There is no need to stir here, just leave it and everything will be done automatically.

button 3Once the time is up, take out the filter using the string. You can press the filter against the sides of your cup using a spoon to make the color of the coffee even deeper.

button 3Add sugar or cream and then serve it!



instant coffee

Hack 4 – Use Instant Coffee

button 3Heat some water over a kettle, a saucepan or a microwave. Keep the heat at medium or high for a couple of minutes that do not exceed 5 min.

button 3Put the instant coffee granules into your cup directly. The quantity you should put varies with the type of instant coffee you have, but ideally, one to two tablespoons of the granules should mix well with 6 ounces of water.

button 3Pour the hot water over the instant coffee granules as you stir, until it’s enough. If you wish, you can add cream and sugar. Then serve when still hot!




Hack 5 – Use a Strainer

button 3As usual, heat up some water over a saucepan, a kettle, a microwave or an electric hot pot with the same right measure of heat (medium to high) and for about 3 minutes.

button 3Scoop coffee grounds into the largest measuring container you have, if you want to make a huge serving. Make sure you use one to two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every cup of water.

button 3Pour the hot water directly over the coffee grounds. Here, coffee grounds and water can blend well without any problems as there can be with the filter method.

button 3Give the coffee the some time to steep, about 3 minutes. Then stir. And then steep again for 3 minutes if you are into deep colored coffee. This should take a total of 6 minutes.

button 3Take your strainer and strain the coffee grounds as you pour the coffee from the large measuring container into a mug or a thermos. Here, you should see to it that the alignment of the measuring container and the mug or thermos you are to pour into is perfect such that it won’t pour elsewhere.

button 3Add sugar and cream if you desire and then serve it.


And that’s it! Didn’t I tell you it was going to be fairly easy and quick?

So the next time your coffee maker breaks down, don’t dare fret as you have countless ways you can still make to secure a cup of deep or light coffee right there in your kitchen.


How To Make A Cappuccino With An Espresso Machine

To make a cappuccino, you need to start by making an espresso and combine it with frothy milk.

how to make a cappuccinoThe problem, however, is that some people hardly understand how to do this. Assuming that you have already found the right machine and coffee, start by preparing an espresso using the instructions on the machine.

The time it takes for it to start flowing into the cup depends on the type of machine you are using. Be sure to use high quality coffee too.

After completing this, here is how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine.


Heating the Milk

To heat the milk, you need to use your machine’s steam pipe. This is supposed to change the texture so that it makes it suitable for the cappuccino. Usually, milk is flat and smooth.

However, you will want to make it light, airy, and bubbly for this purpose. Turn the settings of the machine to cappuccino. At this point, the water temperature will increase meaning that there will be more steam.

You can use the control tap to remove any water that might be in the steam pout. Drain it into a separate cup.


Frothing the Milk

Since you need foam for the cappuccino, you have to froth the milk. To do this, put semi skimmed milk into a metal jar.

Make sure that it is only about an inch of it. The reason you need a metal jar is because it heats up faster than the others. Hold the jug underneath a turned on steam pipe so that the steam can blow into the milk.

You can fold air bubbles into your milk by gently moving the jug up and down. The milk will start expanding because of air bubbles, and there also will be a high-pitched whining sound coming out of it.

You do not have to worry about the whining sound. However, if you hear a growing noise, stop the process because that is an indication that the milk is nearing boiling point.

Sometimes, you might not get a good result right away. This should however not dishearten you because it usually takes practice to be a perfect espresso maker.


Combining Milk with the Espresso

At this point, you have already completed the most difficult part of the process. So, to create the cappuccino, add the lovely frothy milk to the espresso. There, however, is a specific way of doing this.

Remember that a perfect product would have equal portions of foam, milk, and coffee. The best way is to pour the thickened and heated milk first. After that, proceed to use a spoon to transfer portions of then frothy milk.

You need a spoon because you want to use the frothiest part of the milk and this is usually the one floating at the top.


So, there you have it; you now know how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine.

If you are looking for the best results, be sure to buy a high-performance machine because it is what determines almost everything.


How to Clean Espresso Machine and Maintain It

how to clean espresso machineEven though it might seem to be a fussy and tedious job, you need to get into the habit of cleaning your espresso machine on a regular basis, to remove impurities after each brewing session.

A thoroughly clean equipment ensures a great tasting espresso, and as that is exactly what you want, cleaning is essential.

If you are now wondering how to clean espresso machine the right way, then continue reading to discover the best cleaning and maintenance tips.


Daily Cleaning Tips for Your Semi-Automatic Machine

If you have a semi-automatic machine, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:

button 3Brush and wipe the gasket and dispersion screen.

button 3Clean using a scrubby pad, wash with water, and wipe the portafilter.

button 3Wipe the machine properly using a damp cloth.



Daily Cleaning Tips for Your Super-Automatic Machine

If you own a super-automatic machine, then follow these steps:

button 3Run the daily rinse cycle of the machine as suggested by the company.

button 3Wipe down the steam arm properly and get rid of any milk residue. Remove the pannarello arm and clean it properly.

button 3Wipe the machine properly with the help of a damp cloth.



Weekly Cleaning Tips

A weekly cleaning of your espresso machine is also very important, and below is given the steps you need to follow:

button 3Soak the baskets and your portafilter, for at least 30 minutes, in a coffee detergent-hot water solution, and then scrub really well.

button 3Disassemble and then immerse the steam wand of your machine in detergent-hot water solution and allow it to soak for about 15-20 minutes. After soaking, wipe and clean with fresh water. If there is any crusty milk in the steam tip holes, make sure to clean it well.

button 3If there is a milk system, disassemble the same and soak the components in a dairy cleanser-water solution. Follow the given directions and do rinse everything in clean water two times.



Important Monthly Tips

Make sure you check the water filter, and if needed, replace it. Clean water is very important for good brewing.

If you use an inline water filtration system with cartridges, make sure to check if they are working properly.

Certain cartridges are not created for high volume output, and instead of taking out undesirables from your water supply, they may only add more.

This, together with giving your espresso a chemical flavor, will also add calcium deposits into your machine.



Tips To Follow Once In 3-4 Months

You should decalcify your machine once in 3-4 months, or when your espresso machine suggests it is time to decalcify.

Even if you have the best water filtration, you still will get calcium deposits in the boiler tank.

Even though just a little calcium will not change the flavor of your espresso much, but with time, this small amount will keep adding up, result in a very bitter flavor, and can even damage your machine.


If you follow these espresso machine cleaning tips, you will always enjoy the perfect cup of coffee each time, for many years to come. So, start cleaning right from today.


Best Under Counter Coffee Maker 2016 – Buying Guide & Reviews!

A warm cup of Joe in the morning always starts the day in the right direction. But when you have very little time to prepare, that much coveted delicious cup of coffee can be a rare indulgence.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment means I have very little space for a number of kitchen appliances, since I already have a rice cooker, an electric stove, and an oven toaster. This is why I chose an under counter coffee maker to meet my morning coffee needs.

under cabinet coffee makerConventional coffee makers has got a new face with its sibling the under counter coffee maker.

This is a part of the long studies for innovation chopping the size of coffee makers to fit the modern lifestyle while keeping the advanced functions still intact.

Since these under cabinet coffee maker have been out for quite some time, there are a lot of manufacturers creating their own versions of such.

Because of this, choosing that one perfect under counter coffee maker can be confusing. Here is a guide to help you up though.

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Benefits of Using Under Counter Coffee Maker

Once you have got the entire guide considered and that you have got the best under cabinet coffee maker that will suit your needs, you are in to garner its benefits. Here are some of the pros of its use.

button 3Under counter coffee maker is perfect for small kitchens. It has a compact design that can fit perfectly on a small kitchen space that will not actually eat up a lot of space on your counter. It is even easy to store in cabinets as it comes small.

button 3Most of the new models of under cabinet coffee maker have advanced features that brew coffee even without supervision. This is perfect when you have been multitasking as it can do its tasks by itself.

button 3It comes in sleek and shiny making it easy to clean. By just wiping off its surface with clothe, it comes to appear good as new already.

button 3It matches perfectly well with other kitchen appliances. Its modern design gives it a pop that will surely match with modern appliances in your kitchen.

All of these are just bits of the benefits you can get. Know that there are more than these.


Best Under the Counter Coffee Maker in Market!

Choosing between under counter coffee makers can be a very daunting task for most consumers. Each coffee maker usually comes with specific features and benefits.

I never knew this kind of design existed until I walked into an appliance store and there it was, mounted under a flat bottom cabinet seemingly hanging in air. I was instantly in love and decided right then and there to have one for myself.

I personally own a Black and Decker SpaceMaker 8-Cup coffeemaker, with the model number SCM2000BD, and I just love how it looks in my small kitchen. There are other models available and I carefully evaluated each one to make sure I buy the perfect coffeemaker for me.

Here is a review of three of the top under cabinet coffee makers in the market today:


BLACK & DECKER Space Maker Coffee Maker

black decker space maker programmable coffee maker

This model is super sleek-looking. It features a glass carafe resting on a hot plate, and its base is mounted under a cabinet for that hanging look.

I personally didn’t choose this model because of the glass carafe, since the SCM2000BD features a thermal stainless steel carafe that stays warm even when I place it on a table for hours.

Nevertheless, this model is ideal for anyone who loves the convenience of a glass carafe as it’s easier to fill it with water and to know how much coffee it still holds.

Let’s take a look at its most important features:

green24-Hour Quick Touch Programming: It has a modern digital control panel with LED light that makes it super easy to operate and control. Simply click on some buttons and decide if you want brewed coffee now or later.

If you want to wake up to the sweet aroma of coffee in the morning, you may simply program it to brew coffee beans a few minutes before you get out of bed each morning.

Glass Carafe:
Sitting on a hot plate, the glass carafe can keep coffee warm for up to two hours before it automatically shuts off.

The main selling points of this coffeemaker include convenience of more countertop space due to its under-the-cabinet design, easy operation, warms coffee for up to 2 hours when placed on the hot plate, and its programmability.

However, some people may find it a hassle to completely remove the brew basket and the carafe from the mount to fill it with coffee beans and water.

Regular coffeemakers just sit on the counter so you won’t need to take it out, which is the only disadvantage for me. Check this coffeemaker cost -> Click!



Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker Coffeemaker

black and decker sdc850

This model is very similar to what I use except for the Save-a-Plug feature that allows you to plug in two SpaceMaker appliances from Black and Decker with just one outlet.

I don’t personally use other appliances from the same company so I figured I don’t really need it.

By the way, Black and Decker also has other under the cabinet kitchen appliances such as oven toasters and the like but one space-saving aid is enough for me.

Let’s take a look at its features:

greenFully Programmable: Similar to the 12-cup model, you can program this coffeemaker to brew coffee whenever you want. It also has a convenient control display which is super easy to operate.

LED Blue Light Indicators:
A blue LED light tells you that it is brewing while another LED light lights up for 20 minutes to indicate that the coffee is warm. These features may seem trivial but they’re exactly what sets this apart from other regular coffeemakers where you have to guess if your cup of Joe is warm or not.

Stainless Steel Carafe:
This model features a thermal stainless steel carafe that stays warm for several hours. There’s no need for a hot plate since the carafe itself keeps the coffee warm.

I read reviews where people have placed this coffeemaker inside their RV’s and its strong and stable enough to withstand the rigors of road shock and vibration, which I find really interesting.

I always had fear that using this type of coffeemakers are a little risky to use since they might fall off or whatever but reading the reviews gives me the piece of mind I need to stay confident with its stability.

Of course, if you don’t mount it well, there’s always a risk but you’ll know exactly if you installed it properly or not. Check this coffeemaker cost -> Click!



Black & Decker SCM2000BD Programmable Coffee Maker

black and decker scm2000bd

Now on to my very own coffeemaker. This model has every feature found in the SDC850 except for the Save-a-Plug feature.

It more or less costs the same but I prefer simpler versions more ideal for me.

green24 Hour QuickTouch Programming.

greenSneak-a-Cup feature that stops the brewing process temporarily while you get a quick cup.

greenTemplates for easy installation.

greenStainless Steel Carafe for warm coffee for hours without the smell or taste of burnt coffee.

greenKeeps coffee delicious and warm for hours, which is the best part.

I personally had difficulties with installing this at first since I’m not very handy but once it’s up there you won’t need to worry about anything.

I love the fact that it hangs under the cabinet as it not only saves space it looks really cool, too. Check this coffeemaker cost -> Click!


If you have a small kitchen space and if you have a flat bottom cabinet right above your countertop, then an under counter coffee maker is the best choice for you. It really look ultra modern and chic and if you love contemporary design, you’ll surely appreciate these Black and Decker SpaceMaker coffeemakers.

Though they do have some disadvantages over regular coffeemakers such as the added task of removing the brew basket and the carafe from the mount to fill it with water and coffee beans, it’s a small task compared to the amount of convenience it can give you.

And of course, the under coffee cabinet makers that stay warm give you delicious coffee when you wake up, and at any time of the day.


Things to Know Before Buying Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

greenCup Capacity:

This is one of the things that you need to consider. Evaluate self on how much coffee is taken in a day to be able to get to the item that will serve your needs best.

There are coffee makers that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in one single cycle that will delight you when you are an avid fan of coffee.


Just like in choosing meticulously your kitchen appliances, the design of the under the counter coffee maker should also be put to mind to fit in with the different modern appliances in the kitchen.

Modern designed coffee makers are sleeker that it comes to fit almost all modern kitchens. There is also a choice of black and silver slates to perfectly match it up with your kitchen counter and under the counter essentials.

Safety Features:

Among the heavy features that you are looking for in an under cabinet coffee maker, you should also think about the safety features equipping the coffee maker too.

Sometimes, you can be so in a hurry that you may even forget to unplug appliances. The worst case scenario is that you will end up losing your precious belongings because it has been caught on fire. This is how important a simple safety button for a coffee maker is.

Look for the ones with safety features such as the auto shut off feature to serve you with the safety deals. This is not hard to find though as new waves of coffee makers serve this same function.

Ease of Use:

The convenience of using the product is probably one of the most “not-to-miss-thing” in choosing an under counter coffee maker. In the fast paced society where everyone may seem to be in a hurry to do tasks, there are some simple things at home that have to deal with this speed. An under the counter coffee maker should be the same.

In choosing the coffee maker that best fits your fast paced lifestyle, read on the labels to see what it can do. Choose ones with comprehensive control panels that will surely start its brewing prowess in just a few taps or clicks.

There are certain under counter coffee maker having timers set to brew you cups even when you are still at your bed too. It is then possible to wake up with an aromatic brewed coffee served right when you need a mood booster.


This is the last yet important thing that you should consider. Think about the money that you are willing to spend for a coffee maker in order to work on the range that you can afford to also cut on the choosing time.

The price may not always equate to quality as there are some decent products coming in affordable prices too. Be wary in considering this item on your checklist to save you from overpaying.


How to Clean an Under the Cabinet Coffee Maker

After a few cycles of brewing, there is a need to have the under counter coffee maker cleaned to get rid of granules of beans stuck. To brew a perfectly tasting coffee, there should be no residues left from the previous cycle.

With this, you can just pour hot water in the carafe to tame hard sticking coffee residues. Pour out water and let it dry.

After which, you can clear up bacteria not seen through naked eye by sprinkling the carafe with baking soda. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry again.

Some modern under counter coffee maker even has the self-clean function that will save you from actually touching the carafe. The appliance does the cleaning by itself. With just a push of a button, the under cabinet coffee maker is cleansed to perfection.


How To Choose An Coffee Machine


Under the counter coffee maker is really great additions to home given the positive attributes it lives up. But before you can actually get hold of these positive deals, there is a need to seek for the best under counter coffee maker in the land guided with the checklist of the things to consider.

The under counter coffee maker is an appliance worthy of your time to scout though. So the next time you will need a buddy to make your life easier in the kitchen, why not grab this decent little appliance? 

Review – DeLonghi EC5 Steam-Driven 4-Cup Espresso and Coffee Maker

The DeLonghi EC5 steam-driven 4-cup espresso and coffee maker is a world class coffee maker that can be used for making good coffee and a variety of different types. With this said, you will have the benefit of drinking good quality from the comfort of your own home.

delonghi ec5DeLonghi is a well renowned company as it produces quality equipment that are used in the kitchen and mostly coffee makers.

The DeLonghi EC5 is one of their best coffee maker productions. It has a variety of features that give you the feel of drinking good brewed coffee.

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Here, we are going to look at the coffee maker details including the features, specifications, pros and cons and a conclusion that will give an overall view of the product plus recommendations and ratings from the users.


The Good

buttonCompact size therefore can be placed anywhere close to a power source and on top of a table or the counter.

buttonEasy cleaning by having a removable drip tray.

buttonHas a well written instruction manual.

buttonYou can make two espresso cups simultaneously.

buttonCan make a wide variety of coffee types ranging from the lattes, cappuccinos, regular and bold coffee beverages.


The Bad

redbuttonIt would have been better if the coffee maker has a separate steamer and brewer.

redbuttonThe coffee doesn’t froth well until you master the art and get a method to use that is effective.


Features of DeLonghi EC5

greenSwivel jet Frother

This coffee maker has a unique swivel jet frother that helps foam your coffee up. This is mostly used in lattes and cappuccinos.


greenEasy to Use

This DeLonghi EC5 is quite straight forward in its use. It can be used by almost anyone. The cleaning and taking care of it is what you should take care of and read the instructions on how to do this.


greenRemovable Drip Tray

This coffee machine has a removable drip tray that helps keep the mess at bay this can be found quite useful especially if it is a machine used often.

With this said, you should just ensure you empty and clean it more often.



This coffee maker doesn’t occupy much space. It measures 10.2×8.1×11.8 inches.



According to its functions and ability, it is quite light and can be carried around carefully at ease.



It runs on electricity therefore must be placed close to the power source for usage.


greenSteam Pressurized Cap

This coffee machine is fitted with a steam pressurized cap for safe use.


greenSpecial Feature

This coffee machine can be used to make two cups simultaneously. This is quite efficient in that you don’t have to worry about making one cup at a time.




The DeLonghi EC5 steam-driven 4-cup espresso and coffee maker is a state of the art coffee maker that may be used to make sweet beverages.

delonghi ec5To all the coffee lovers, this can be quite handy in your household. It is efficient and can be used by anyone and anywhere be it at home or at a personal office.

The only drawback is that you have to master the machine to produce good froth for the lattes.

Therefore, most users love this DeLonghi EC5 and would recommend those looking for such an item to buy it without thinking twice.

With this said, they give it an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars.

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Review – Cuisinart DCC-2800 Perfec Temp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DCC-2800 coffeemaker is a world class coffee maker that brews quality hot coffee. It is programmable and produces 14 cups which is quite efficient for a home or office set up if it is a small office or you can have several in a large office.

Cuisinart is a well renowned company that produces the best kitchen equipment. With this said, they had the best intention when creating this product.

cuisinart dcc-2800The Cuisinart Perfec Temp DCC-2800 produces the best coffee as it brews it to perfection. You will never get burnt coffee.

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Here, we are going to look into this coffeemaker by mentioning its various features, specifications, pros and cons plus a conclusion that will sum up our review with users recommendation and rating.


The Good

buttonCan make so much coffee, 14 is not a small number.

buttonDoesn’t burn the coffee, it has the same great taste even if you leave the coffee in the machine from morning to evening.

buttonProduces hot coffee. This is a feature not found amongst most coffee makers of this day and age.

buttonAttractive appearance from the stainless steel and black combination.

buttonYou can brew coffee however you desire, be it regular or bold.


The Bad

redbuttonThe water reservoir is fixed and cannot be removed making it hard to clean.

redbuttonThe hinges at the top are quite sensitive and can break easily.


Features of Cuisinart DCC-2800

greenBrew Strength Control

This is a unique feature that gives you the option of how you want your coffee. Coffee lovers have different preferences.

Others may like a bold cup while others prefer a regular cup.


greenEasy to Use

This coffee maker is quite straight forward and you can operate it without a manual.



This coffee maker is programmable making quite efficient especially if you have a busy schedule or like to sleep in. you can preset the machine at night and t can start brewing close to morning and when you wake up you wake up to the smell of rich coffee.


greenHot Coffee

Unlike most coffee makers of today which produces and keeps coffee warm, this one makes it piping hot. Quite advantageous as that is how coffee should be taken.



This design is built to make a lot of coffee but surprisingly, it weighs just 8.4 pounds.



The coffeemaker measures 10.1×12.8×16.4 inches.



This unit uses electricity and should be kept close to the power source as it doesn’t come with that long a chord.


green14 Cup Maker

cuisinart dcc-2800This coffeemaker makes a surprising 14 cup. This is quite efficient is a big household or when you are coffee lovers or even plan to drink coffee both in the morning and evening.


greenSpecial Features

The Cuisinart DCC-2800 can have a one minute reset recall setting in case of a power outage. You can also get the feature of brew pause where you can enjoy your cup before the cycle comes to an end.


The Cuisinart DCC-2800 coffeemaker is seen to be a quality coffee maker. It can make so much coffee for everyone, if you are 14 people or less.

The main drawback is just the fact that you have a hustle to clean the water reservoir and fill it up since it is fixed and cannot be removed.

With these said, users love this Cuisinart DCC-2800 but have small complaints. The pros overweigh the cons making it a good coffee maker worthwhile your purchase.

This makes the users give it an average of a four and a half rating.

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