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Review – Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

This Hamilton Beach 49981A is a glossy, stainless-steel brewer that may give your favorite cup in as small as ninety seconds.

This is in fact identical design to the Keurig brewers, however permits for extra range of choice on account that you would be able to put something you prefer into it.

hamilton beach 49981aIts additional discount makes it a gorgeous replacement for one serving device. It’s less expensive cost and total use fee make this coffee maker worth trying out when thinking about the fact that switching out of your older product to the latest model.

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Read the details about the Hamilton Beach 49981A single serve scoop coffee maker so you can find something that can help you a lot before making your final decision to buy such an item for your kitchen cabinet.


The Good

buttonVery easy to operate.

buttonSimple to clean.


buttonGreat machine for the price.

buttonMakes great tasting coffee.

buttonNo guesswork required.

buttonHigh durability.

buttonGreat performance.

buttonWorks without any problem.

buttonComes with many unique great futures.


The Bad

redbuttonThere is a threat of not having a well-built sufficient brew.

redbuttonMicro grounds in the backside of each and every cup.

redbuttonChances to declining the quality of your brew accidentally.


Features of Hamilton Beach 49981A

Being an old college brewer, you might be finding something strongest along with fullest coffee. In this case, than you need to employ the bold atmosphere on the brewer.

The Hamilton beach 49981A is basically made to supply to fullest style for finest grounds. As a result in case when finding whatever on the way to work rapidly and effectively to suit into your full of activity morning hobbies, you can get it done for yourself to find the difference.

This coffee maker has an eye-catching quantity of positive feedbacks.

It is readily made and effortless to make use of. Preparing a cup of coffee is fast. It has just a few pieces, together with a metal mesh scoop as well as a tray to regulate many important jobs such as the cup dimension, buttons, etc.

The Hamilton Beach 49981A single serve scoop coffee maker comes with a mesh scoop filter. You should note that it should be utilized on its own, and not using any types of paper filters or cups needed.

No guess work concerned you should have when you are using this piece of equipment.

With the intention to decide on brewing drip coffee rapidly, if you wish to employ finely floor or top class heats. The application comes with stainless steel design. It shuts off without human intervention once brewed.

It has a easily detachable tray, consequently you could prepare into a mug. You can also make a cup of tea using your travel cup.

The current market is flooded with many similar coffee makers you can choose from, but make sure you are buying the right maker. Do not overlook the safety feature a machine can offer.

hamilton beach 49981aMake sure the coffee maker can really give you a healthiest cup coffee. No matter how much you are going to spend for you next brewer, make sure you are obtaining such a coffee machine that can give the maximum returns on the investment.

The taste is another thing you might be considering. Not all machines are made equally. The purest cup of coffee is something you must be considering. Most reviews have made the Hamilton Beach 49981A very effective for anyone who loves to drink coffee.

Coffee is good for health. But if you fail to make such a beverage in a healthy way, chances are that you might get sick.

So be careful when choosing your upcoming machine. The Hamilton Beach 49981A single serve scoop coffee maker is something you might be considering.

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Review – Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation Summit Ultra 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The Hamilton Beach 48465 coffee maker is a world class production unit that makes 12 cups of coffee. This can be quite convenient for home or even office use for a small office.

hamilton beach 48465The Hamilton Beach is famous for its products and this is one of their greatest productions.

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48465 is a unique design that works well in brewing good coffee. It can also produce a variety of coffee drinks.

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In this review, we will discuss the coffee maker features, specifications, pros and cons you may face when using this coffee maker and a conclusion at the end which will include a rating accordingly.


The Good

buttonMakes 12 cups of coffee. Quite a large number for such a small product.

buttonProgrammable with an auto clock which auto starts brewing as preset.

buttonCan make a variety of coffee drinks from regular to bold and iced coffee.

buttonAttractive look with a stainless steel finish that makes it look shiny.

buttonDoesn’t burn the coffee at any point. Even if you have coffee till evening, it doesn’t burn it.

buttonHas an auto off to switch off according to preset timings or even when not in use. This helps in saving power to a great deal.


The Bad

redbuttonSpout is too close to the machine therefore you should be extra careful when pouring the drink.

redbuttonThe bigger mugs and thermoses are not able to fit in the compartment where the mum should be paced for dispensing coffee.

redbuttonToo many parts to assemble to get your coffee brewing.


Features of Hamilton Beach 48465

greenVariety of Options

The coffee maker works in a way you can make a variety of coffee drinks including iced, regular, bold or other options. With this, it works as a multipurpose coffee maker.


greenOne Hand Use

This coffee maker is quite efficient since you are able to use one hand. This makes it convenient since you can use your hand for other purposes.


greenLarge Coffee Production

With this coffee maker, you are able to make an average number of 12 cups of coffee. This is quite efficient especially when being used in a house with many people.

It also efficient for a small family since you can decide to brew enough for morning and evening if you are not many in the house.


greenKeep Warm Mode

This coffee maker has an option to keep the coffee warm. This is quite efficient especially in a set up where people are drinking coffee all day like in an office.


greenRemovable Water Tank

This Hamilton Beach 48465 has a removable water tank making it easier to keep clean. It is also dish washer friendly all the more benefits.

To add onto this, this tank has a water-level indicator making it easy to tell if you are almost running out.



As compared to the work it can do, it is quite light and weighs 3.8 pounds.



The coffee maker measures 9.2×12.5×16.8 inches.



The coffee machine works using electricity therefore must be placed close to a power source.


greenSpecial Features

It can be programmed to make coffee so that when you wake up; you get coffee all ready brewed. This is quite convenient because you don’t have to wake up very early to start the brewer.



The Hamilton Beach 48465 brewstation summit ultra 12-cup programmable coffeemaker is a wonderful coffee maker that is loved by most users.

hamilton beach 48465It ability to make 12 cups is what people love this maker for.

On top of that you get a variety of coffee options and on top of this the coffee doesn’t burn however long it stays in the maker.

Just a few issues people have like the spillage although this can be manageable. As per most users, this Hamilton Beach 48465 is a must have.

It is quite efficient and brews amazing coffee. With this said, majority of users give it a five star rating.

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