how to clean espresso machineEven though it might seem to be a fussy and tedious job, you need to get into the habit of cleaning your espresso machine on a regular basis, to remove impurities after each brewing session.

A thoroughly clean equipment ensures a great tasting espresso, and as that is exactly what you want, cleaning is essential.

If you are now wondering how to clean espresso machine the right way, then continue reading to discover the best cleaning and maintenance tips.


Daily Cleaning Tips for Your Semi-Automatic Machine

If you have a semi-automatic machine, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:

button 3Brush and wipe the gasket and dispersion screen.

button 3Clean using a scrubby pad, wash with water, and wipe the portafilter.

button 3Wipe the machine properly using a damp cloth.



Daily Cleaning Tips for Your Super-Automatic Machine

If you own a super-automatic machine, then follow these steps:

button 3Run the daily rinse cycle of the machine as suggested by the company.

button 3Wipe down the steam arm properly and get rid of any milk residue. Remove the pannarello arm and clean it properly.

button 3Wipe the machine properly with the help of a damp cloth.



Weekly Cleaning Tips

A weekly cleaning of your espresso machine is also very important, and below is given the steps you need to follow:

button 3Soak the baskets and your portafilter, for at least 30 minutes, in a coffee detergent-hot water solution, and then scrub really well.

button 3Disassemble and then immerse the steam wand of your machine in detergent-hot water solution and allow it to soak for about 15-20 minutes. After soaking, wipe and clean with fresh water. If there is any crusty milk in the steam tip holes, make sure to clean it well.

button 3If there is a milk system, disassemble the same and soak the components in a dairy cleanser-water solution. Follow the given directions and do rinse everything in clean water two times.



Important Monthly Tips

Make sure you check the water filter, and if needed, replace it. Clean water is very important for good brewing.

If you use an inline water filtration system with cartridges, make sure to check if they are working properly.

Certain cartridges are not created for high volume output, and instead of taking out undesirables from your water supply, they may only add more.

This, together with giving your espresso a chemical flavor, will also add calcium deposits into your machine.



Tips To Follow Once In 3-4 Months

You should decalcify your machine once in 3-4 months, or when your espresso machine suggests it is time to decalcify.

Even if you have the best water filtration, you still will get calcium deposits in the boiler tank.

Even though just a little calcium will not change the flavor of your espresso much, but with time, this small amount will keep adding up, result in a very bitter flavor, and can even damage your machine.


If you follow these espresso machine cleaning tips, you will always enjoy the perfect cup of coffee each time, for many years to come. So, start cleaning right from today.