The well designed Cuisinart DCC-1150BK isn’t just a smart decoration for the modern kitchen, but it also brews the perfectly delicious coffee.

cuisinart dcc-1150bkThere are not many machines that look as good as they work but this coffeemaker by Cuisinart is quite an exception.

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The machine has many attractive features that will be discussed in this review in detail along with the pros and cons of owning the Cuisinart DCC-1150BK.




The Good

buttonThe cuisinart is easy to use and manage.

buttonThe self clean feature helps in regular maintenance.

buttonAuto-brewing timer makes sure the coffee has been completely brewed and is ready to drink.

buttonThe thermal carafe feature is good for saving power as the need for heating the plate is removed.

buttonPaper and metal filters can both be used in the same unit.


The Bad

redbuttonThe beep may get irritating as it goes on for five times.

redbuttonThe thermal carafe makes the coffee difficult to pour.

redbuttonFilters are not sold with the machine and have to be purchased separately which gets quite expensive.



greenReservoir Cover

The cover flips backward for filling the coffee easily and conveniently.


greenWater Reservoir

At the back of the reservoir, there is a water level indicator that can be used to measure the amount of water that’s desired. The cover can be easily lifted and opened.



To pour the water over coffee evenly, showerhead is of great use. It also reduces the loss of temperature.


greenWater Filters and Filter Baskets

Tap water may have odors or unpleasant tastes because of chlorine. The filters work well by removing those from the water so the taste of coffee isn’t affected.

The company advises changing these filters after it has been used for two months. The machine can also accommodate paper filters or permanent filters.


greenDigital Clock on the LCD Screen

The LCD screens display the time. It also sets time for functions that are carried out automatically.


greenAuto-on and Auto-off

The coffee maker has the option of switching on automatically with the auto on feature. The function knobs can be used to program the coffeemaker to brew coffee at any time and start the brew cycle.

After the coffee has been brewed, the coffee maker switches off automatically.


greenSelf Clean Feature

The coffee machine tells the user the time when the machine needs to be cleaned.


greenThermal Carafe

The coffeemaker has a double layered thermal carafe insulator that can be programmed anytime during the 24 hours.

It is completely automated and has the capacity of 10 cups. The thermal carafe is stainless and has a ergonomic handle.


greenBrew Pause Function

This feature of Cuisinart DCC 1150BK enables a cup to be poured while coffee is being brewed. It stops the coffee to flow from the basket as soon as the carafe has been removed from the heating plate.


greenOther Features

cuisinart dcc-1150bkSome other features of Cuisinart coffeemaker include:

button 3A ready tone that indicates the completion of the brewing cycle with five beeps.

button 3Storage for the machine cord.

button 3Backup system from power loss due to sudden power failure or breaker trips.

button 3To ensure fresh coffee flavors, machine includes charcoal water filter and permanent gold tone filters.

button 3A 3 year warranty.

button 31 to 4 cups setting for brewing small cups of coffee. Since it gives the option of double heating of the water, the coffee comes out very hot.



Cuisinart DCC 1150BK is very efficient and reliable. The pros clearly exceed the cons and the machine has become popular among coffee lovers. It is definitely a smart choice for a smart kitchen! Check this coffee makers cost -> Click!