The DeLonghi EC5 steam-driven 4-cup espresso and coffee maker is a world class coffee maker that can be used for making good coffee and a variety of different types. With this said, you will have the benefit of drinking good quality from the comfort of your own home.

delonghi ec5DeLonghi is a well renowned company as it produces quality equipment that are used in the kitchen and mostly coffee makers.

The DeLonghi EC5 is one of their best coffee maker productions. It has a variety of features that give you the feel of drinking good brewed coffee.

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Here, we are going to look at the coffee maker details including the features, specifications, pros and cons and a conclusion that will give an overall view of the product plus recommendations and ratings from the users.


The Good

buttonCompact size therefore can be placed anywhere close to a power source and on top of a table or the counter.

buttonEasy cleaning by having a removable drip tray.

buttonHas a well written instruction manual.

buttonYou can make two espresso cups simultaneously.

buttonCan make a wide variety of coffee types ranging from the lattes, cappuccinos, regular and bold coffee beverages.


The Bad

redbuttonIt would have been better if the coffee maker has a separate steamer and brewer.

redbuttonThe coffee doesn’t froth well until you master the art and get a method to use that is effective.


Features of DeLonghi EC5

greenSwivel jet Frother

This coffee maker has a unique swivel jet frother that helps foam your coffee up. This is mostly used in lattes and cappuccinos.


greenEasy to Use

This DeLonghi EC5 is quite straight forward in its use. It can be used by almost anyone. The cleaning and taking care of it is what you should take care of and read the instructions on how to do this.


greenRemovable Drip Tray

This coffee machine has a removable drip tray that helps keep the mess at bay this can be found quite useful especially if it is a machine used often.

With this said, you should just ensure you empty and clean it more often.



This coffee maker doesn’t occupy much space. It measures 10.2×8.1×11.8 inches.



According to its functions and ability, it is quite light and can be carried around carefully at ease.



It runs on electricity therefore must be placed close to the power source for usage.


greenSteam Pressurized Cap

This coffee machine is fitted with a steam pressurized cap for safe use.


greenSpecial Feature

This coffee machine can be used to make two cups simultaneously. This is quite efficient in that you don’t have to worry about making one cup at a time.




The DeLonghi EC5 steam-driven 4-cup espresso and coffee maker is a state of the art coffee maker that may be used to make sweet beverages.

delonghi ec5To all the coffee lovers, this can be quite handy in your household. It is efficient and can be used by anyone and anywhere be it at home or at a personal office.

The only drawback is that you have to master the machine to produce good froth for the lattes.

Therefore, most users love this DeLonghi EC5 and would recommend those looking for such an item to buy it without thinking twice.

With this said, they give it an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars.

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